Concrete is used in large quantities, and is probably the world's most important construction material. In Denmark alone, about 8 m tonnes of concrete are used each year, corresponding to 1.5 tonnes per capita. Concrete is an environmentally friendly material. However, since the use of concrete is so extensive, there is every good reason to work on making concrete construction even more "green". This was the reason why a number of companies joined forces to establish the Centre for Resource Saving Concrete Structures in 1998.

It started with a common challenge: To give the Danish cement and concrete industry a competitive edge in the international market, based on new technology for the production and use of environmentally friendly types of concrete.

This resulted in a 4-year project entitled the Centre for Resource Saving Concrete Structures - also known as the Centre for Green Concrete.

In the period 1998-2002, the centre has worked to create new knowledge about environmentally friendly types of concrete, and to develop technological solutions aimed at promoting the use of "green" solutions in modern concrete construction projects.