The Centre has developed a number of solutions that can be put directly to use by the industry, both with regards to the composition of green types of concrete, and the application of green types of concrete, and the application of green types of concrete.

Green composition of concrete
The Centre's work covers concrete for large civil structures as well as for housing. The Centre has shown that, in general, it is possible to produce green types of concrete for both applications that meet the requirements normally made for traditional concrete.

Green application of concrete
The Centre has worked with various strategies for making concrete constructions more environmentally friendly. Besides the use of green types of concrete this includes

The strategies help to reduce the impact on the environment throughout the service life of the construction. This has been shown by lifecycle analyses carried out by the Centre.

The effect of using different green solutions

The overall CO2-emissions for bridges built using different types of green concrete (tonnes CO2): 1 Traditional solution with black reinforcement and asphalt. 2 Stainless steel reinforcement. No asphalt on the bridge deck. 3 Stainless steel reinforcement. Green concrete with environmentally friendly cement. 4 Stainless steel reinforcement  and green concrete with a high fly ash content. 5 Stainless steel reinforcement and green concrete with sewage sludge ash.